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    hydro locked ultra 150 what to do?

    title says it all it sank and would not start so when i got it home i took out the spark plugs and it is pumping out water so what should i do?

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    anyone come on someone has to have some advice i have been searching the internet and found everything from flip it over and let it sit to get that thing running. but i have found nothing for the ultra 150 exactly everything has been for old sea doos and yamahas.

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    You've got to get the water out and then get it running. Use wd40 to displace the water. Crank it over with the plugs out but be sure not to overheat the starter. Short cranks only. Once you feel like all the water is out then reinstall plugs and crank it over...pull the plugs and clean them and crank over somemore. Once you get clean plugs then it should crank BUT get it running. The longer the water sits the more damage that possible.

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    Get it running tonight, if you wanna save that motor.

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    You NEVER should have tried to start it with water in it,, could have bent a rod, tweaked a ring, regardless, like was said pull the plugs, pump out the water with short bursts so as not to overheat the starter. Get it running asap..

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    ok after pumping out water forever i started to put the plugs back in and it would run then die and i would take the plugs out and clean them dry them and stick them back in after doing this nonstop since my second post it is now running and ideling fine. so my next ? is how long should i let it run for i let it get a little warm about 4 times but i am not at a lake so what should i do now that it is running good?

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    Get it out today and run it. That will clear out any remaining moisture from the cases.

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    cant take it out because im at work. i have been turning it over every couple of hours to keep the bearings from sitting in one place to long.
    thats all i can do for now. unless anyone else has a suggestion.

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    just make sure the air box is drained. If it has water in it it may ingest it when u open up the throttle. When u r sure its dry, put it in the lake n run it like ya stole it.

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    how do i drain the air box? i think that the whole system is dry because no water is coming out the pump or exhaust. is there a bolt or plug or something that i need to open up?

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