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    how strong is your spark

    iv seen seados how they spark there tension it thesame with polaris? because...i was thinking i am having a weak spark.....could it be the ground wire? i attached mine at the cylinder head bolt....where is the best place to put the ground battery wire?

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    stock place for slt 750 and 78- is at the base plate just under neath the drive shaft. also if you think yyou can better the spark. unscrew the spark plug boot from the spark plug wire. cut just about 3/16 to 1/4 inch off of it. also grab the spark plug boot and clean that out with elctrical spray clean and a sharp object like a screw driver blad. get the boot squeky clean/spotless. also the spark plug tip give that a scrape with something to brighten/clean up that tip too. doing all of that will bring up will guarantee a spark that brighter than a ufo trying to beam you up! if your spark is still weak..............its probably internal. clean up that black box and all of electrical connections in there too. if problens continue it can be the stator?

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    is there any video that i can see how strong is the spark?

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    Spark should be blue,,

    yellow spark is weak

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