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    550 only gets 1/4 throttle

    i just bought this ski. i rebuilt the motor 1mm over, milled the head, has factory pipe on it. supertrapp waterbox. just a 44bn with k and n. i dont know if its a lack of fuel or what but when i get on it, it get me up then will bog. it was hard starting aswell so i advanced the timing completly is that ok. when it boggs i will squirt my primmer and then it picks up. do i need to go to a sbn44?

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    Sounds like fuel delivery issue. Did u build carbs and pump while u had it apart?

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    Ya got a fuel issue dude. Either highspeed jet is gummed up or screw is turned in too far. Take it to the water... Turn highspeed jet to the left (counterclockwise) 1/4 turn at a time then ride it and if it doesnt fix it then turn it another 1/4 turn. It will either get better or worse. If it gets better then fine-tune it with 1/8 turns. If it gets worse then you will have to do either carb rebuild kit, or get a rebuilt sbn44.

    Oh, and btw... advancing your timing will most likely NOT help it start any easier. Starter motor only turns the engine 300-500rpm and at that slow of rpm, you dont want the spark to hit too early and miss the mixture.

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    you better clean that carb before u seize that motor

    also tell us the jet sizes

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