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    Viarage low rpm and now no start

    Hello, all have a 2000 virage , that sucked in some grass , and will not run above 2000 and after a few minutes stalls and will not fire ,
    removed jet pump , ok, checked for blockage found none , reomoved head , pistons , crank ok, removed checked exhaust system for damage , found none ,
    did once try to rev above 5000 and just stalled and won't refire CDI ? maybe , boat ran perfect before this , and no warning lights on mfd
    any ideas ?

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    Long shot BUT if you stuck the engine or locked the impeller maybe you took the crank out of index?

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    viarage low rpm and now no start

    yea, I thought that could be it, but took off the head and both pistons comme up to top dead center , of course did not use a dial index to check it
    and update , this morning fired right up , in the driveway , ran for about 5 minutes ( with water hose flush kit), but will not rev up , bad CDI ?

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