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    Update: Maybe it isn't the motor seized - could be the pump???

    Ok, 1998 XL 1200.

    Thought the motor was seized. Tore it apart today, got the head off, everything looked great in the cyls.

    Put a ratchet on the front of the crankshaft. Applying pretty good pressure, couldn't budge it - piston #1 moved up and down about 1.5 mm, piston #2 about 1 mm, and piston #3 barely moved. Thought the problem was in #3 - but then realized that I could see the rubber binding in the driveshaft coupler.

    Could my impeller be siezed instead? No obvious signs of damage anywhere. What's the easiest way to seperate the two halves at the coupler? Pull the engine forward? And how do I do that - the 4 bolts from engine to mounts, or the 8 bolts from mounts to hull??
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    Is your pump like the GPR's where you pull the pump and the drive shaft comes out with it?

    I would just pull the pump and then try and turn the engine over. Then you won't have to worry about engine alignment.

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    No idea how the two halves seperate. The pump shaft connects to the drive shaft with an interlocking connector, and this is what is bolted to the hull underneath the electrical box:

    Not sure what the right course of action is to pull the halves apart. When you say pull the pump do you mean that literally, from underneath the ski? Never ripped one of these guys apart before so bear with me on this one.

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    Pulling the pump is fairly easy, (we changed one on a ski hanging off a dock while we were stood in the water in about 15 mins on Saturday). It will show you if it's the PTO coupler, or the pump.

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    Pulling the pump will show you if its the pump or not, but don't forget there is an intermediate bearing and seal assembly between the coupler and the pump shaft, it could be bad also. If you pull the pump and its good, then might as well unbolt the engine and pull it forward enough to get the coupler apart, then you will know the rest of the story. Gotta do it anyway if its to that point and you can't turn it over. Keep track of what shims are under each corner motor mount. Not all may have them.

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    Help me out here, guys - I need the dummies guide to removing everything after that coupler. What gets removed from underneath the ski, and what happens inside the engine compartment? How do I "remove the pump" without removing the bearing/seal assembly at the back of the engine compartment?

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    You remove the rideplate, then, then you undo the 4 bolts that hole the pump assembly together, remove the steering cable from the nozzle, undo the trim cable from the trim yolk, then gently pry the pump from the transom plate. The pumpcase and impeller slide out, the pump shaft is splined and just slips out of the hole in the intake tunnel.
    If you go here, you can download the manual for your boat and answer alot more of your questions, complete with pictures.

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    Thanks LT1. I had assumed the pump shaft was one piece from the coupler to the impeller...

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