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    2007 Ultra fuel in oil - problem

    Hi all!

    My name is Andrew and I am new to this forum. I have a question to the wise

    The engine was repaired and aseembled. Runs fine and strong (1:1 R&D wheel installed). However after about 2 hours of riding we find about 1 liter of fuel in oil. Anybody had a similar problem? Any info on that?

    Thank you.


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    Why was the engine repaired?

    Most 07 Ultras have Gas In Oil problems.
    OCMS is the answer.
    Do a search in this forum for GIO and OCMS.
    Tons of info.

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    The engine was repaired due to a broken oil feed cable on the bottom of engine. It run without oil, and partially seized.

    I will search for the OCMS and GIO - hope this is not a BIG problem - that fuel in oil??

    Thank you for help!


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    Good God use the search button PLEASE.....

    Thread Locked.

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