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    15f oil question ?

    I am going to winterize my 2008 15f soon, i bought the ski less then a month ago brand new. it will have less then 6 hrs. on it, should i bother to change the oil now ? or wait til next season after 4 more hours? Thanks
    p.s What is a good antifreeze to run threw the system to winterize it? a 50/50 blend? rv blend? thanks. i have an air compressor that's pretty awesome. should i just blow air threw the hose hookup or do both antifreeze and blow air threw it? thanks any help is appreciated.
    i live in western pennsylvania, we have cold winters. it will be in an unheated garage.

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    antifreeze for what ??

    as far as oil changes, i did mine at 10hrs. u might as well wait.

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    becuase it get's below freezing up here, even in my garage attached to my house. just incase there is water inside there after i blow it out w/ an air hose. thanks,

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    Change the oil now. You should always change the oil when you winterize the ski.

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    Change oil n filter at the beginning of next season. If you change it now it will absorb contaminants over the winter months while sitting on trailer. Always start the season with fresh oil out of the bottle. If you feel safer adding coolant for protection add it thru the flusher but don't use compressed air. Not much water will be left in the cooling system anyway if you crank it on the trailer, rap the throttle ten to fifteen secs, then shut down. And cover that baby!

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