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    (NY) State taxes corrupt - Venting - New Car Purchase

    Just Venting...

    I dont know how you guys' states are, but NEW YORK sucks...

    i did a SMART BUY on a new GMC back in 2005... on a smart-buy you pay sales tax on the FULL PRICE of the car at 8.625% even tho ur turning it back in 36 or 48 months later or whatever.

    so i got that GMC few years ago, paid almost 3k in tax on it alone, and been making my payments... now GM is offering all the huge discounts employee pricing etc and they will take my car back early no problem.... i have 6 months left on smart buy lease.. GM takes 2 months away complimentary and giuves me 2000 in cash money towards a new car... that leaves me with 4 payments i'm responsible for... but they take the interest out of those payments, so it's not 4 full pop payments...

    bear in mind... i already paid state tax on those 4 payments when i bought that car 3.5 years ago... well, i need to pay sales tax on those 4 payments AGAIN bc it's a "promotion" and goes into the selling price of the new car// of course u get taxed on the price of car before all the rebates and incentives, but wtf, how can you tax me twice on the same car that i've been single original owner of?

    NY tax system... nothing you can do about it... should be illegal if you ask me, be taxed on your own car more than once

    but on a better note... pick up my new truck tomorrow afternoon so i'm happy 1500 Silverado Extended Cab short bed 4x4 All Star edition with chrome bumpers and grills with the 5.3 flex fuel motor, well equipped, factory 20" rims.

    dont wanna jinx myself and buy accessories for it before i take delivery, but i got a laundry list of parts and accessories lined up for it, can't wait to start tinkering.

    PS... taxes suck

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    Congrats and good luck with the new truck Shibbs!

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    WOW that is a real bad deal boy do the gov love to get hold of our funds.

    This year I got a promotion can earn bounuses bad part is ole uncle gets darn close to 50% in taxes from my bonus funds. plus tax on my reg income talk about raking

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