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Thread: What do

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    What do

    you guys think about the new Sea-Doo machines?

    Whats up with the "Suspension"

    I'm going to order mine, I'm thinking of going with the Panormaic Sunroof, Onyx Ultra Leather and the optional third row seating for the kids. What do you guys think of the Automatic folding trailer that comes out from underneath? Yay or nay?

    They got one thing though, some strange looks. Reminds me of the Can-Am Spyder.

    They don't look all that fast to me. Ultra 250X looks waaaayyyyy better!

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    Nah, im waiting for the head option.

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    A while back, I was thinking of a reverse system and now Sea-Doo is doing it!

    My idea was:

    Have small jets under the sponsons that force water out toward the front of the craft. Pull a trigger on the left handlebar and a valve closes and directs water through tubes to the jets. Release it and the water exits out of the jet normally.

    Its kind of a rough idea right now. Still working on it.

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    I've been wathcing all the posts and listening - So, this is just food for thought:

    Disclaimer - I have no loyalty to any PWC brand, I have bought and will continue to buy whatever craft I can that will propel me across the ocean as fast and as reliably as possible.

    Back in the day when I owned my built out 2001 Yamaha XLT 1200 for offshore application (one of the better platforms of the day), the new 215 hp supercharged intercooled RXP hit the market. I remember saying "no friggin way," too much stuff going on in that engine; 4-stroke, supercharged and intercolled on three cylinders!??! I remember thinking are you kidding? My mind was closed..... That engine later made its way into the 2005 RXT and I bought that. If you reflect back at the last few years, that first 215 hp RXP raised the bar far beyond the current standard maintained by the other manufacturers. Many of them had no choice but to follow. Look at the race results that the RXP and RXT have achived in the past years and look at where that one craft took the industry.

    With the new IS, I have chosen to keep an open mind. Iniatilly I looked at the three ECU's, brakes, suspension, upper deck etc. etc. and said "you gotta be kidden me, no friggin way" but only for a split second....... reminiscent of the thoughts I had back in the day of the first RXP. So, I've cought myself and I have chosen to keep an open mind with this new craft. It is truly revolutionary in so many ways and there are so many unknowns with this new technology that it is par for the course that there will be many (including myself) that won't be comfortable with it - initially. I suspect that much of this technology will be refined and copied by other manufacturers in the years to come - just like the RXP. Will I buy one this year, probably not...... but something tells me that many of the offshore folks will end up with one of these in the coming years. So, my respectful suggestion is to keep an open mind.

    Side note for the offshore folks - Also keep an open mind to the new 1500cc Turbo Honda - hearing a ton about the potential with this craft for offshore application

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    I Agree With You And I Dont Even Like Seadoo That Much Have To Wait And See How Good It Will Be Once Its Riden Cant Tell Everything By Pictures. I Remember When The Ultra 250 Came Out Not Many People Thought It Would Be That Good Of A Bike Also But Once Out In The Rough It Sure Proves Itself.
    You Just Never Know Until You Ride It.

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    If its something different is what you want try this

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    Finally us Ultra guys will have some company out front.

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    I'm waiting until 2010 when they come with ps4 and scrotum warmer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eel View Post
    I'm waiting until 2010 when they come with ps4 and scrotum warmer.
    Sorry but EEl your wrong!

    Its going to be a WEE ( WI ), and it will have a jetski racing game loaded from factory,

    So at least that way you think your on a real jetski.

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    I think apple computers own half of BRP, lots of gadgets and a i this i that....the new GTX iFullsnot version comes with an iphone in the dash so you can surf the net whilst you make a latte' as you take a nut rub from the iSeat........

    fly by wire no thanks, computers can't be trusted unless in redundant stacks, hope you have a spare icontrol when your 20 miles offshore....

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