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    Cool To all Die Hard Skiers--- I need your expertise

    This is not some crazy cockamamie idea but something I am pursuing as this past summer I ran my GP1200r to blow the engine ...and not only paid the price of loss of a very good ski but learned something most important to searching for the ultimate Jet Ski. To those who know the HULL of the Ultra 250 ;I need to seek your thoughts on strength and capability of of the HULL

    I am seeking to be first Man to pass that 100 MPH and not afraid to do it.
    Know how to do it but will reauire some very serious engineering and a super super strong HULL Jet ski. My name is Chris and I am very serious what drives me those damn Fountains andSkaters blwoing my ski away with ease ..time to fly like a Hyabusa in the water and make the BIG POWERBOAT SHOW this year in Miami 2009. pss all Jet pumps are impossible 155mm 165mm done
    Time for one Hell of a new engine!

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    I just know it hurt for several days to hit the water at 55mph!

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    You would be wasting your time on the 250 hull if your solely going for top speed.

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    Chris, come one man... taking a 250 past 80... w/o some cash... ok a bunch of dough...

    GPR all the way for top end smooth water speed, if you want to dominate the chop then take the 250 and run with it...

    Look at the propski with the "stock" 1200 in it, easily over 90 with easy mods... minus the jet pump.

    Jet pumps... rob power, but are so much fun!

    I personally like to be "blown", be it a turbo, supercharged or.... nice....

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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarlust View Post
    ...I personally like to be "blown", be it a turbo, supercharged or.... nice....
    Better to be blown than naturally aspirated.

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    Depending on how your blown could turn you from naturally aspirated to artificially aspirated.

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    Just out of curiosity... what engine did you have in mind?

    Before you start, read the thread in the "Conversions" section titled: Check out this sound 400hp Merc. His name is Kenny. He came close to 100 mph, but used a 1997 seadoo hull. He had the right power... 407hp and 318 ftlbs of torque turning a 165mm 19/30 prop @ 8500... But the wrong hull. Now he is putting that same motor in a GPR hull, so if your wanting to be the first man to 100mph, you'd better hurry!

    Best way to set a speed record (and live to tell about it) is the GPR hull hands down! Strong and stable with only minor pump tunnel mods.
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    100 has already been busted by Duke on here. Too late.

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    100mph is too fast for me on a jet ski

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamatech View Post
    I just know it hurt for several days to hit the water at 55mph!


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