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    Really BUMMED, couldnt bring the ski's to Dauphin island!!

    Well to make a long story short, after we finally got the other ski working we had it out on the lake in Arkansas 3 times and it worked flawlessly, a week before we were to leave to come here to Dauphin island we took them out again just to make sure all was well and SAME PROBLEM as before!!!! NO SPARK!!! It would turn over all day but just wouldnt start. So its 4 days before labor day weekend, and we called everyone we knew to help us check them out and get it going. we first cleaned the start/stop/kill switch, which we were told was the WHOLE problem before---NOTHING, still no spark. Got a brand new switch assembly from ebay bought & overnighted for $150, got it switched out--NOTHING!! 3 different mechanics at 3 different places over labor day weekend working on it from time to time when they had time checking everything from timing to fuses, stator & cdi readings, flywheel key, battery, fuel, oil, mdf, compression, EXT..... everything seamed to check out fine as far as they and we could all tell--STILL NO SPARK Now i didnt personally do much-- We had so much to do in preparing for this trip, we relied on the mechanics to get it going--just one of them --come on!! NOTHING-- but a $500 dollar bill combined for checking/ testing/ fuses, wires, ext... Plus LABOR DAY WEEKEND, they were all SO BUZY did they easily overlook something?? Anyway we are down here in between Gustav & IKE- having a great time but NO SKI's!! We were going to rent a couple a few times but the only guy on the island that has any has 2 2008 yamahas for $95 an hour EACH, we spent way to much money trying to get ours fixed to spend that kind of money right now. Sorry for the ranting, im just bummed about not being able to go out to the lighthouse, oil rigs, reefs, dauphins ALL over the place down hear, OH WELL, we are enjoying it none the less!! I will get back with you guys sometime after i get back and maybe you can help me trouble shoot the thing and find the problem for NO SPARK. Thanks for listening Here are a few pics for ya...
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    Sorry for the bad luck. When you get back, update us on the whole story or point to your problem post again.The hardest thing to track is a intermittant electrical problem. How long are you on Vacation?Got any tools with you?

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    I can't believe they charged you to NOT fix it. We just got back from a weekend at the lake and had a heck of a time getting the wife's ski ready. Parts did not arrive, lost registration, anything and everything went wrong. Finally ended up pulling it all together at the last minute putting the ski together and tuning it at the lake Saturday morning. Sorry to hear your weekend got partially screwed, at least you were still able to go.

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