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    What impeller and intake grate?

    I am new to jet ski's but understand machanics descently. I have a 97 GTX i got with 60 hours on it. It runs descent but I want to do a grate and impeller. The max RPM are about 6800 just over if perfect conditions (only 40 rpm). What is a good intake grate and impeller? Both options if anyone knows for better low-end to midrange or better top end? Or if I can get an impeller that will do both? Thanks for all the help

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    can't really get an impeller to do both or we'd all be happy.

    As a previous long term 96GTX owner, an intake grate is a waste on the 3 seater.

    I would reccommend the skat trak 17-22 impeller.

    Some suggest the Solas XO prop, but it's very simular to the OEM prop and the diff won't be much.


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    Thanks for the quick reply. Just for curiosity, which degree number means which? Lowend or top end? Like 17-22 will do which for me as stock is 17-25?

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    On the left side look at the FAQ and the impeller 101 tech section, as all manufactures size their impellers differently.

    the OEM 17/25 is a slightly different design prop than the skat 17-22, different hub angels etc.

    just bending a 17-25 OEM prop down to a 17-22 won't be the same.


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    Thanks I read the info. On the website it shows the 17/22 for good bottom to mid range and the 16/25 for top end. How much top end do you loose with the 17/22 and how much low end would you loose with the 16/25? I'm just not sure which way I want to go.

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    Where is the shoe that people say to re-seal? I've read some info on here about but don't know where it is. Any help is greatly appriciated. Thanks again

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