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    Stock 06 RXT- where to start

    i am posting this thread on behalf of one of the guys i ride with, he is a decent bloke but he owns a seadoo . now the rest of the group (around 80%) are Yamaha owners and we are mod nuts so our skis all haul respectably but my mate with the rxt is really struggling to keep up now we are all well into the 70's and he is just not sure where to start with his mods so i said i would put a post up on GH to try and get him on track.

    Now he does not have an endless supply of money (sorry no rude, ecu, external ic or valve train upgrades just yet) so i figured starting with the free mods first up then adding sponsons, plate etc.. would be the way to go but since i have never owned a seadoo and have no idea how to make them go harder i thought i would request some advice from some people who know what they are doing with this type of ski (that being you)

    so where should my friend start with his mods and can you post links to posts detailing the examples you are recommending so i can point him in the right direction please?

    also keep in mind, we do not get glass conditions in this country very often so the ski will need to be setup for choppy conditions as thats where we spend most of our time.

    all feedback and advice welcome.

    ps: the aim is to get this ski to 70mph ( for starters)

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    hello there...

    the problem is that an RXT is a BOAT
    BOAT = Bring On Another Thousand

    u didnt state how much he is willing to spend... but he can start with a stage 1 setup: 4" intake & filter ~ $75US, intake grate ~$120, prop ~$175-300US and pump wedge ~$100

    To get an idea on retail pricing, look here for setups:

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    First and foremost, have him change those supercharger washers. And the quest for more speed can be found here.

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    he already changed the washers out a while ago which i helped him out with so no need to worry about that area.

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    You might want to post his current GPS speed and rpms... Ron

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    Thanks for getting the thread started Izzo! the ski in question is an 06 RXT. The washers have been changed already.

    It is untouched except for locking the OPAS all the way up with some spacers, and an unkown grate (looks the same as this):

    Stock (digital) speedometer reads 112km/h (70mph) max @ 8100rpm. I know the stock speedo is inaccurate and will borrow a GPS next time out on the water

    This might be asking a bit much, but one day I'd like to see if I can make the barge turn better too! All and any advice welcome!

    Thanks in advance

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    Mitch one thing to keep in mind and everyone else that will help you out is if you plan to get into some fun local racing which is fun as you seen on the weekend your mods have to be stock class legal.

    Much for competitive them open class and more fun.

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    Welcome, to the Forum

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