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    Looking for Carbs

    i am looking for a carb for a 1996 polaris slt 700. i have in it now a 38mm two cylinder Keihin carb.

    i am looking for a new/old one of the same.
    a new/old one that will work with it.

    i live in Alberta Canada and would like to pay in cdn funds.(transaction is just easier for me) preferably for pick-up or delivery... this way i can inspect it myself.

    i am looking to save some money on this one so if anyone has any info please pm me or leave a reply

    thanx darren

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    you have dual carbs correct??

    i have a clean ( freshwater) dual carb set including intake manifold here for the polaris 700. 125.00 + 25.00 USPS international priority, to you in canada

    for payment from canada, i accept only a canada post money order, made out in US funds.

    send me an email if this will help you at all.


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    I've got 2 sets. I have a stock set from a 97 hurricane, and I've got a set of 40mm racked with an accellerator pump, for more proformance, both are in great shape with low hours and I have had both apart and cleaned them.

    100.00 for the 38mm and 155.00 for the 40mm + Shipping

    Pm me if you are intrested I do not check this forum often.


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    I sent you a pm about the gas cap and carbs.

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    dont worry about the carbs i am going to try and fix them myself
    i have a rebuild manual.

    but i am interested in the gas cap and filler i will keep in touch with u nick on this one.

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