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    Bypass oil injection / Cable Removal

    Ok I have a 1997 GTS with the 717
    I have done new fuel lines and cleaned the single carb,, when doing this I Looked at that little oil pump and am thinking I would like to premix the Doo, mainly because of it's age and my polaris is premixed.
    I am not a fan of this rotary valve motor, So to stop oil injection can't I just remove that cheesy little cable on the throttle side,, and leave everythin else intact to "lube" the rotary shaft??????
    Thanks Doug
    P.S. Does anybody ever update to a better external Mikuni spigot fuel pump???

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    Hey Doug,

    You can pull the driveshaft out under the oil pump if it is like 800 engines, 720's were before my time...

    The stock fuel pump is plenty sufficient for stock applications, no need to get a high-volume if you aren't consuming high volumes of gas...right?

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