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    07 GP 1300 or 07 FX Cruiser HO?

    Sorry newbie question...
    I realize these are apples and oranges but that's where I'm at. I'm looking for a toy (slightly used) that I can play on in smooth water and occasionally run out into the gulf to jump a few waves. I have been on the FX HO and it was a lot of fun but I wondered how quickly it would get boring. I plan on having 2 people on it part of the time. I live on the Bay, one mile from the Gulf of Mexico.

    What's the GP like going on a 10 mile cruise with 2 people? What's it like in the waves with one? How do the two compare for speed/acceleration and fuel consumption? Lots of questions...Thanks ahead of time for ANY insight you can offer. Great site!

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    Smooth water and then some wave jumpin, I'm goin with the GPR. However, if you're riding 2 up a lot in waves I'm going with the HO. If the 2 up riding is in smooth water then no problem with the GPR, it's just not pleasant 2 up in rough water. If the majority of your riding will be 2 up, then consider the HO, otherwise I would go with the GPR.

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    +1 I still think the GPR is way more fun!!! But it is can be difficult with 2 up and lots of waves!

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    I considered a GP, but I wanted a 4 cycle. Started and ended there.

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    The FX's are nice boats... but I think the resale on a GP1300r will probably be better. People are in love with these things! My neighbor has a fx140 and she rode my 05 Honda R-12x (shes cute and rode the piss outta it!). She said wow, I like the way it handles... by no means am I comparing it to a GPR... but just size wise... I rode her fx and enjoyed it, very smooth relaxed riding, but the GPR sounds like what you are looking for... I haven't ridden a 05+ GPR but everything I've heard and seen is very nice!

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    Thanks for the replies...PLEASE continue. It has been years since I owned a PWC and much has changed.

    I would only be riding 2 when it is smooth out. There's always the chance that it can get bumpy before you get home but that's understandable. I have read that the seat is very wide. Does that make it uncomfortable when sitting down? How stable is it with 2 people sitting still (I owned a Wave Blaster years ago)? How about fuel consumption?
    Thanks again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by davids View Post
    I owned a Wave Blaster years ago Thanks again...
    If you owned a Blaster before well you know what "unstable" is. It actually depends on your size and the size of your passenger. I am 285 and a passenger is out of the question on the GPR. I recently bought an "old skool" 3 seater and I love it!!! I will buy nothing but a three seater in the future. So if I were you I would go with the new technology and get the FXHO!!!
    BTW I would have bought one but it was not in the budget.

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    We have a GPR and a FX HO
    GPR is a bit quicker all around. THE GPR is more fun to play on and jump waves, but its very unstable with 2 "full-size" people. The FX-HO gets pretty much twice the MPG of the GPR, and is mo' betta' for lazy cruising/2 up

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    I gotta ask ya "PuprleNuprleGPR" is there a reason for the unique spelling of your user name?

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    I was afraid his spelling is because of what it does to your body with a wide seat and a bumpy ride...

    I'm 170lb and the Mrs. is 120.
    I used to be big time into Jet Ski's when I was younger but now I fish offshore. It's an expensive sport and I don't know how much I want to spend on another toy. We just moved to the Bay and I can launch from my backyard. I thought it might be something fun to play with.

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