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    MSD Total Loss Setting Gp1200

    Good mornin Everybody!

    I went to the PWCToay forum for a Msd Problem and they told me that this forum can be appropriate for these type of questions!
    I didn't know your forum, but it's a great one!!!

    I'm a old GP1200 maniac and I love it!
    I have some mods:
    - carbon fiber hood
    - Umi steering
    - Riva sponsons
    - jetrim seat cover
    - protec intake grate
    - Autotrim nozzle
    - flaps
    - Protec head cylinder (150psi)
    - modified CDI
    - Tauceti flame arrestor
    - re-jetting carbs

    I don't think to put triple pipe by now.

    I've broken the rotor and stator and I've just bought a MSD total loss ignition.
    I'm novice with this system and I need some help about setting. If someone has any idea about standard settings I've to put with my type of mods...

    Thanks in advance!!

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    This sounds like one for Pistonwash.......recall "Thumper less the triples"? Did "Jumper" have T/L?

    Anyway....Mike's the man for this one.

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    Some GP lovers!!!
    Great!!!! Perhaps a old granny Yam' could beat a RXP?? And without any triple?? And a man on the forum as THE solution?? and some settings...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunner-one
    Some GP lovers!!!
    Great!!!! Perhaps a old granny Yam' could beat a RXP?? And without any triple?? And a man on the forum as THE solution?? and some settings...
    spent some time on the old gp's it's been a while will have to dig out some specs and setting for msd

    best speed you will ever see is 68-70mph the hull restricts it from going any faster

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    Unfortunatelly, I know, I know...
    And flaps don't help to go faster!
    But, there is so much fun to turn with it!! Oldschool light 2 strokes...
    I like old things, I still have a 96 SJ...

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    replace the rotor and stator and buy a riva cdi ...or leave the stator out and go total loss with the stock'll still pull harder than stock. I can find you a riva cdi and i have a buyer you can email who will give ya 400 for your msd setup.

    if u keept he msd, start out 25 deg with the easy start enabled, ..finish at 16 degrees at 7400 rpm and you'll be 91 safe i think. Rev limit 7400 since you dont have t/w crank. Study your dip switches.

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    Thanks a lot dav-dman!!
    I think that I'm going to put th MSD. I know that it is easier to plug a Riva CDI box. It's a "plug and play" system!

    I'm a french guy (sorry! ) and we have different octane system 95 and 98... But I'm sure that it will be closed to your 91 (our 98 is not certified yet).
    So I going to try your setting first and find the most efficient parameters step by step.

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    Welcome Gunner. There are some good GP folks here, like Dave and Pistonwash and a ton of others..

    Make sure to put some pics of that ski up in the pic/vid section.

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    Welcome to the board Gunner!

    You've got some wiring issues ahead of you and some mounting areas to choose. I wish I had some pics of where you mount the brain, coils and starter relay. Take your time and follow your MSD instruction book to a T. I would start out with the MSD recommended timing on the dip switches and adjust them according to your mods.

    Mount your electronics close to where the OEM electric box (rear firewall) was located and run your wiring to the front cover along the same OEM routes.

    If Dave has some pics of my old triple..we can show you.

    Here's a partial pic of where the plug wires are coming from the brain.

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    I run a msd total loss with pipes and will be adding ported cylinders when I get a real job.
    You will not have any gauges with the total loss but you will have one bad ass spark.
    I have had a problem twice once was when I ran out of gas tunning my triple piper the other was when I forgot to charge my battery.
    If you plug in your charger/tender every time you park your trailer you wont have any problems.
    Stock spark is quite small and dim MSD spark is multiple and intense.
    I have thought about having 2 batterys one for the gauges only.

    You will need a top of the line battery a walmart battery aint going to cut it.

    Have you ridden a old GP with pipes its a rush.

    They are out there go get some.
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