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    Fs: 2001 Gp1200r

    Ok, this is a really really sweet ski but honestly Im getting overwhelmed with debt and this is the least used toy sooooo....

    This thing is in great shape with only 56 hours on the clock! Heres the list of goodies....

    -Island Racing blueprinted pump
    -Solas 13/19 impeller
    -R&D Island Racing modified Level 2 rideplate
    -R&D 800 intake grate
    -R&D pump plug kit
    -Riva anti-cavitation cone
    -Wave eater powervalve upgrade
    -Island Racing holeshot kit
    -R&D CDI
    -R&D D-plate
    -Free flow exhaust
    -Pro-Tec 150psi cylinder head
    -Oil injection block off plate
    -Island Racing blueprinted carbs, rejetted to their specs, accelerator pump dissabled, choke plates removed, primer installed
    -High flow flame arrestors with billet adapters
    -Rule 500gph automatic bilge pump for backup, factory bilge still installed as well
    -Hydroturf mats

    I also will include a set of R&D extended trim tabs, R&D 1200 intake grate, and a couple other stock parts I have laying around.

    I finally got around to making a couple GPS runs the other day and it went 70.2 mph with the extended trim tabs installed, no holes filled, in not so favorable conditions(high heat, lack of room, and a little wind). Im sure with some ride plate adjustments/mods and maybe repitch the imeller you could see around 74mph no prob. However, this setup ran great in the choppy water I ride in so I never bothered to mess with that stuff...

    There are a few bumps and scrapes as expected on a ski this old but nothing serious and the engine bay looks flawless! Comes with a cover thats in great shape... $4800 takes it. No trailer, but I may be able to get one for you if needed.

    Located in Salisbury, MD

    Stock trim tabs installed in the pics..

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    Reasonable offers welcome... Come ride it and you won't be dissapointed! I am also willing to either deliver or meet halfway if needed. I'll include a homemade pwc stand and drop it in your yard for ya

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    Make me an offer! May consider trade for a dirt bike plus cash....tell me what ya got!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocjumper View Post
    Make me an offer! May consider trade for a dirt bike plus cash....tell me what ya got!
    The water is safer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by L Carlson View Post
    The water is safer!
    Haha, I know it....but I can sell the dirt bike any time of year. Noone wants a jet ski in the middle of winter, lol.

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    Price Dropped!

    Going to take some more pics tomm and start a new thread but just a heads up...

    Been working all weekend to "de-mod" this ski... Dropped the price to $3600 with these items still installed:

    waveater powervalve couplers and retainers
    holeshot kit
    pump plug kit
    d-plate and chip
    free flow exhaust
    premix and primer
    500gph rule auto bilge
    hydroturf mats

    Most of the other parts will be for sale seperately...others will be going on my XLT

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