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Thread: 3D problem

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    3D problem

    Posting for a friend. The ski runs great up to 40 mph and at full throttle. When you run the ski between 40-50 mph it skips and surges. The ski also will not accelerate through a left hand turn but does fine turning right and straight. Fuel level does not change anything. He has had this problem since the ski was new and Sea Doo couldn't find anything. Any help would be appreciated.

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    does it skip and surge at the same spot in the throttle or is it rpm dependent. If it happens at the same throttle spot then it could be the TPS. It could also be were the rave valves open. The open from 4K to 55K. The left hand turn I would check the position of the nozzle and make sure all is simetrical and equal and check te wear ring and pump.. I find it interesting that seadoo couldnt find it since I work for the only Seadoo dealer north of Ft pierce south of titusville and west of Orlando. I havent seen a 3D in the shop this year. Bring it in I will find it. I work in Cocoa at Beach Sportcycles.

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    Thanks for your help. He brought the ski to you guys about a year ago. You fixed another problem (metal filings on crank sensor), but didn't get this one. I just spoke with the customer and he said he will call you tomorrow.

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