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    problem with a03 s/c

    the problen its that this boat broke two s/c and now when you test in the water .the boat start fine and when you open the throtle start to beeping and siad in the cluster oil oil .the oil its full.i change the two sensor and still the beep any help will be aprciated

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    sounds like your oil pressure is too low, probably shot oil pumps for supercharger debris. I know you said it was an 03. but did sc parts fall into the motor.

    You may want to invest in an oil pressure guage from Napa, it scres into the head just above the oil filter and you can read the oil pressures. should be ~80 psi cold at idle and around 20 psi when warmed up at idle.

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    Did the ski have an upgraded SC? If it did, and had ceramic washers, you probably have bad oil pumps at the least. Check the oil pressure asap... Ron

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