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    A-A-A water just everywhere! 96 GTX

    Hi guys,
    I finished rebuilding my 96 GTX recently, have had a good riding last weekend and at the end of the day, just before we were turning back to the rump she died and wouldn't start again. That sounded like dead battery. I opened seat and guess what? - the hull was full of water. I removed spark plugs - they both were wet. Cranked and get fountain from PTO cylinder
    I removed PTO cylinder to find the leak and checked out cylinders and head - everything looks just great. The only thing I have found wrong was disconnected elbow fitting line from MAG cylinder.
    Here are couple questions I need your help to find out:
    1. May water get into cylinders from the hull if it is filled up about 1/2? Flame arrestor was wet as well as carb.
    2. Crancase has water inside. How can I dry it out?
    3. What should I check or replace in addition to fixing elbow fitting?
    4. Is there any chance the engine will survive this fludding?

    Thanks in advance,

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    If you get the water out of the crankcase asap it Might survive.
    Water could easily be go in through the carbs if water got high enough, or it could come in through a bad head gasket.

    Best way to get the water out would be reassemble and turn it over w/ plugs out until you see no more water, do this w/ the throttle wide open. Then put the plugs in and get it running. It will prob foul the plugs right away- pull them again and dry them then reinstall and repeat until it runs. The get it nice and hot + fog it until you get a chance to find your problem. Prob just sucked water through carbs if the F/A's were wet.

    If you don't want to reassemble, i'd say suck out the water and try to fill it up w/ WD40 to displace the water. WD stands for Water Displacement. You need to get the water out of those bearings if you wanna save the crank.

    Not sure what elbow fitting you are referring to since u didn't list the engine type- 800?, but i'm sure someone will chime in on it.

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    fboncore, thanks for replay.
    I'm sorry I forget to mention this is 787 engine.
    Probably I will assemble it back and run as you suggest. I have tried to suck water out but it didn't really work well - water still there.

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    Def. get the water out as suggested and run it so the heat will burn off the moisture. I know the elbow you speak of, if its cracked replace it but I don't think it can let water in the crank area. The water in the hull has to be pretty high to get into the carbs, above the battery and black box, if it was it may have entered there. Also open the black box in the back and make sure there isn't any water in there-when that gets wet the coil screws up and the ski slows down, that's what might of made the ski die, plus the water in the motor.

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    Guys, thanks for advice.
    I assembled everything back, run her without spark plugs, get water out of cylinders, put plugs and she started right away! Fogged engine and let her stand fogged for one day. Today morning I put her on garden hose and found hole in exhaust head pipe! There were signs of filler - probably previous owner tried to fix it that way. Looks like I get to replace that pipe.

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    I had a hole in my pipe on the water jacket but I was able to weld mine. Just sand it down then seal it then paint it again so nothing can rust. But that won't fill up your hull if your pumps are working correctly.

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    jwick86, thanks for advise, it is definitely worth to try.
    I removed pipe frome the ski and cleaned up the old patch. The hole is pretty big (see attached pictures). Do you guys think it is worth to try "FastSteel" from to fix it? I used that thing in the past to fix aluminum frames and it worked pretty good.
    One more question: why do you think "But that won't fill up your hull if your pumps are working correctly." When I ran her on garden hose the water come out of that hole.

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    That product should work, I used JB Weld on mine. As for pumps he ment your bildge pumps, but this happened to me as well. I had a hole and it was leaking after a while of riding the hull had quit a bit of water in it. Now I have a real bidlge pump for these situtaions.

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    "Fast Steel" worked just fine. But with my luck I get the whole hull full of water next time I was riding. It turned to be a o-ring that secures metallic ring. The o-ring just slipped from the place and water got in between carbon and metallic rings. I found on this forum that was recall from Seadoo for that o-ring and they put metallic c-ring instead. I got c-ring and now it is OK.
    Is there anywhere online recall information available? I'm just afraid that may be something else I missed.
    I took her to the lake today and noticed new problem - at the beginning of ride and sometimes after stopping the engine she runs on one cylinder, just goes to 4000RPM and not planning. I replaced spark plugs but that didn't solve the problem. If I let her run for some time or stop engine and start it again the problem goes away, then after couple seconds comes back again. After 5 minutes it goes away completely. While typing I recalled I didn't open electrical box after last flooding. May be water get in the box and that causes a problem?
    One more thing I'm not sure related to this problem - sometimes after starting the engine clock gets reset to 12:00. What may it be? Bad ground line?

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    It wasn't a was a TSB. TSB= Technical Service Bulletin. You mis-read my post.

    No, there aren't any recalls on your ski though.

    Disconnect the thick red wire from the rectifier in the gray box and take it for a ride. If it runs perfectly, the rectifier is bad. Don't ride too log, as you are running solely off the battery.

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