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    WTB 96 787 MAG carb

    Hi guys,
    Throttle shaft on my 96 GTX MAG carb get rusted. I tried to clean it up but it didn't help. So I decided to replace it. Looking for MAG carb in good condition shipped to 27513.


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    If you still need a carb we've got one available in excellent condition. Just figure $100 pls shp. We accept VS, MC, Disc, and Paypal and can ship immediately. Pics available. Let us know if we can help.

    Kim Davis
    Jet Tech Sports Inc.

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    Thanks, but $100 plus shipping sound too expensive. Last time I watched on ebay set of 787 carbs was sold for $65 plus shipping.


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    sounds like you shoulda bid on those carbs lol

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    I think so
    I wasn't sure at the moment what exactly I need.
    But now I know.

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    pm sent.

    Nice carb body needs a new home.

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    Looks like we worked this one out with steach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artiom View Post
    Looks like we worked this one out with steach.
    Artiom, Sorry, I didn't get the carb body out on Saturday.

    I'm adding two 75 LS jets in the box for the delay. (you'll love them with 80 gr springs)

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    Thumbs up

    Hi guys,
    Here I come again, still looking for MAG carb. Please let know you you have one.
    Actually I need only body, all internals in mine carb are in good shape.
    Steachs carb just didn't work for me but he is definitely a good guy, pleasant to have business with. If everything goes smoothly any seller will be good. It is more important how they can handle it when it doesn't goes smoothly. So here are my thumbs up - Steach know how to do it.


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    Mag carb

    I have a mag carb off my 97 GTX(shaft is smooth),

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