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    Unhappy Kawasaki Ultra LX electronic problems

    Please help.

    I own a Kawasaki Ultra LX 2008 model. It has approximately 15 hours on the clock. It has been running fine till now. The motor started running uneven not idling right and I could feel it was not able to reach top speed. It came right for approximately 15 min so I thought it might have bean water in the fuel. It starter again running uneven during idling and then it blew the main fuse. Inserted a new fuse inserted the immobilizer key and the digital display came on ready to be started , when I pressed the start button you could hear the starter motor turning for a few seconds and then the fuse blew again. Inserted another fuse with the same result.

    Can some one help me as I am living on a Island and it is difficult to get the Jet ski to a dealer on the main land to check it out. Thank you.

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    Giz, look at any wiring routed near exhaust in starter area. Also under handlebar pad and where it routes down to inside hull. Whatever u do DO NOT increase fuse size.

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    A few things to check:
    > Follow the speedo sensor wire from the back of the unit toward the front, and see if there is any kind of wiring problem such as shorting/melting/pinching to the ground.
    > Sometime bad bendix gear (too much load) blows the main fuse. Has the starter motor ever slipped on you?
    > Ignigition key slot (where you insert your key into) might have gotten water damaged - shorted inside.
    You have multiple symptoms that may not be relating to each other and they could represent more than one problem. I'm curious to find out.
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    I removed all the connection plugs from the harness and sprayed it with contact cleaner to eliminate possible moisture ingress. I can start the ski now without blowing the main fuse . Will be putting the ski in the water this weekend hope all goes well. Still don't understand why the motor was running uneven though. Will check speedo sensor cable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
    Still don't understand why the motor was running uneven though.
    Idling is the most sensitive/difficult rpm range where the EFI system has to calibrate Fuel/Air ratio because of smaller amount needed of each - also that's where you would find the uneven running condition most likely.

    I would check/clean/lube the ISC (idle speed control) stepper motor area next to the throttle body assy.

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