Lifeguard saves man knocked off Jet Ski
A local lifeguard rescued a man knocked off his Jet Ski by a wave, the Beach Patrol chief said Tuesday.
The incident happened about 2:45 p.m. Monday, Chief Dan Adams said, when the rider was "sideswiped by a wave and flipped" near the rock groin on Coolidge Avenue.
"I don't think he saw the wave coming," said Adams, who gave credit to lifeguard J.J. Walsh - who was stationed several blocks away at 33rd Avenue - for seeing the man was in trouble and rushing to rescue him.
The rider wasn't far offshore, just inside where the "substantial, good-sized waves" - left over from Tropical Storm Hanna - were breaking near the rock structure. Walsh swam out and rescued the man, and also managed to get the Jet Ski turned upright and pull it in to the beach. By the time Adams and lifeguard Capt. Patrick Armstrong got to the scene, the rider was on his feet in waist-deep water, the chief said.
Adams had no information on the victim's identity, but said the man needed treatment on the beach for cuts and scrapes, mainly around his knees. The man's wife then planned to take him to a hospital in case he needed stitches, the chief said.
Earlier this summer, Longport officials honored Walsh for a rescue he made in May while working as a lifeguard in the U.S. Virgin Islands.