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    Impeller comparison

    I have a 14/19 sloas 4 blade at +2mm turing 8000 RPM in hot weather. What would be the equivalent 3 blade impeller?

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    I was wondering the same thing... I have a 14/19.5 and I'm turning it 8100. What would I need in a Three Blade?

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    I think a skat 15/18.5 would be perfect compared to what your running now.
    I turn a 15/20 ++ now and can turn a 15/18.5 and hit limiter. Have to run a 81 mm to not be on limiter and still not perfect. I need a 15/19 3 blade.

    Not sure how a 15/19 with pitch taken out would work for your setup.
    I know more about pitching 4 blades, I dont fill comfortable touching my 3 blades yet.

    By the way i had a skat 15/20 3 blade and i couldnt turn it but 7,800 to 7,900 in the heat, so probably would have worked for me in the winter, but in the winter i usulally run 4 blades for all that flat water WOT.
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    Anyone else with experience between 3 and 4 blades?

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    I've used 13/18, 14/19, 15/20 4-blades and 14/19, 15/19 3-blades, all with varying amounts of pitch, and I agree with skoepp that you could do a 15/19 -2mm (~15/18.5). It takes just a little more power to keep a 3-blade turning, so if 14/19+2mm is working now, I think you could also just about be able to run a 14/19 3-blade straight out of the box.

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    Do they make a 14/19 3 blade? Everything I see in the online store is a 15/something.

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    Skat tracks website application chart for seadoos shows no 14/19 3 blade but I have read that they are available. Can someone post a link to where I can buy one. Thanks.

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