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    Question about hour meter install

    I have a 06 sportster(155hp 4 tec) and installed a Briggs&Stratton digital
    display Maintenance minder per wire wraps 4 times around plug wire and the other to ground.I ran the boat about 1hr but the meter shows 0.3hrs ?Is this because it is a 3 cyl engine and I need to multiply reading by 3? Is this meter for single cyl. only? below is the info on product....Thank if you can help.

    Engine Applications
    The MAINTENANCE MINDER can be used on any lawn mower type engines. The only limitation is the spark firing frequency must be greater than or equal to 10Hz. As most engines are operating at 20 or 40 spark firings per second, compatibility is not a problem. Easy Hookup

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    I wonder if it's out of range on the high end? 8000rpm (WOT) equates to about 130Hz, 5500rpm (cruise) is about 92Hz. Not many around-the-house motors run above the 1200rpm/20Hz - 3000rpm/40Hz range mentioned there. I'm assuming each cylinder fires once per revolution so regardless of number of cylinders the Hz should be the same across motors with different numbers of cylinders.

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