911 Revisited: Where were you on 9/11?

I was teaching a PWC water rescue class to Huntington Beach City Lifeguards. I will never forget the images on television as we watched in utter horror and dismay. Our world essentially shifted from normal day to day activity to empty American streets, no aircraft in airspace, no humans milling about, empty freeways and phones lit up. It was the first time since the 1940's that America stood still.

Those infamous numbers are etched in our generation. Like all erosion of time, memories will fade, dates will slowly erode and fail the shadows of mankind. The shock wore of quick, replaced with the 'War on Terror' and lingering on the invasion in Iraq, little connection remains to the 3 planes in US airspace on terrorist missions. Now it is celebrated on the Anniversary, but I am sure that every day it is real to the families involved and those serving in our war zones.

On the first anniversary I participated in a charity race. I chose the New York City Police Department Emergency Services Unit (NYPD ESU) to support those I had trained prior to the attacks. One year had passed, but the wound was still agape, America held its breath as the date neared. My daughter Kyla and I ended up on 9/11/02 in the 'Pit' where the Twin Towers stood for their last salute exactly one year ago. We were with the families who lost their loved ones, our US President Bush and staff. It was a day I will never forget.


Date: September 6-11th, 2002 - Key West Florida to New York City NY, 1600 miles on Personal Watercraft.

To honor the personnel trained by K38 in NYPD ESU Widows and Orphans Fund on the Anniversary of 9/11

Photo Album: http://flickr.com/photos/k38shawn/sets/72157604927529066/

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