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    Talking SUPER CHARGER BELT DRESSING and Bearings Ultra 250X 08

    Hi All, I see a lot of info about Belt's braking but I see nothing on TLC.

    Does anybody use Silicone on the Belt for dressing?? CRC is a Marine Lubricant company that makes a great Silicone Spray including another lubricating spray which is called CRC 656 and it does not destroy Rubber like the WD 40 spray. Also Bio Degradable so it does not destroy the Bay.

    Do you think that Silicone Spray will help the Belt Last Longer ??

    Bearings, Is there any way to Pack the Greese in the Bearing without taking them out? Wonder why Kawi did not place a Greese fitting on the Bearing for the Ultra 250 X. I'm thinking of maybe packing some greese in the Bearing but I don't think it'll do much good for the Outer Bearing, Any suggestions on Bearing Lubrication?

    Thanks All

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    Don't use any belt dressing in hopes of making it last longer. It's not recommended anywhere in the Kawi's literature nor I've heard from any dealers. The most important thing is the correct belt tension.

    Too Loose - Belt will slip and the slippage would increase the temperature and the wear rate. And performance decrease due to less boost.

    Too tight - It is a grooved (parallel to the rotaion) type belt and you will notice that the drive and driven pulleys have very sharp groves as well. Too tight belt will aslo accelerate the wear rate.

    Contamination - Water and oil residue will cause slippage. Make sure engine compartment is always bone dry.

    Belt is a wear item and you will have to eventually replace it, just like timing belt on your car (if it's got one). Just keep the correct tension and prevent any contamination - that will give you the best performance and longest life out of it.

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    Hi, Thanks for that, I'll avoid using the dressing. I noticed that when I removed the cover for the first time, It had Grease inside of it, I wiped it clean bone dry and placed it back on. I guess it must have come from the Shaft Bearing.

    Do you know if there is a way to pack the Shaft Bearing's with Grease or it's not recommended as well. It's mind boggling that Kawi did not place Grease fittings on the Bearings.


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    They are sealed bearings............

    I suggest you get a shop manual, it sure helps to have one............

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    Thanks for that , Yes I have a manual but I guess I'm a little Old school on the Bearing's, I remember my Yami Raider had grease fittings but anyhow.

    I'm going to invest in the tool for the Belt Tension, This will go a long if ya know what I mean. Did you ever notice Grease on the Inside of the Plastic Cover for the Belt?

    I had another interesting issue I found last time I was messing with the ski, When I took off the ICU Unit in Front I wanted to wash down some of the Salt that had accumulated, When I was flushing some water down the Air Intact Ducts I noticed that the Right One was cracked and dumping water right by the Air Intake on Air Box. Kind of scary cause salt could have gone right there, I little Duck Tape and it's fixed but one of these day's I'm taking it to have the whole Intake Duct Changed. I think at Factory when the put the Tie Straps they squeezed them together to hard causing this one to break with the Jumping and Stuff. It kind of Stink's since it's a new ski but anyhow, Helps you to get to know the complete unit.

    Thanks Again

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