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Thread: 9-11 9/11

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    9-11 9/11

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    it's on the history channel today also!
    we will never forget!

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    A day I will never forget. You could see the Twin Towers from my work in NJ. I was going to run home to download a file, yes, my home internet was faster than at my work. I started my truck and had Z100 on, they had someone on the radio saying a plane crashed in to the WTC. I thought is was a prank call, said "yea, right" to myself. Well as soon as I came around the building I could see the smoke from one of the towers. Could not believe it. We spent the day on the roof watching in disbelief when the first tower came down. Then the second tower. Man, what a f'd up day(s) that was and how it changed the world.
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    This ROOFPO.WMV is a video I shot about two weeks before the Towers were hit. My boss bought a new camcorder that had a 150X zoom on it. So I naturaly went up on the roof and filmed the Twin Towers. They were a perfect specimen to shoot, being they were ten miles away. Only was it after 9-11 did the video become freaky as hell. I had managed to film the Towers with an American flag in the foreground, then zoomed back and rezoomed on a plane taking off from Newark Airport. What is messed up about it is when I focused on the plane you can hear sirens in the background. The video is not manipulated in any way. It's a low res version I put up here but if anyone would like the full res version let me know. Still brings chills when I watch it.

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    I will never forget the day...
    I was in 2nd grade and I just got back from lunch and my teacher was crying histerically and she gave us the news, my Mother got in a fight with the principal becuase they wouldn't let any kids home

    I went home and the news kept replaying videos, I was only like 7 years old but I couldn't speak for a day

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