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    1991 650sx troubleshooting HELP!

    I recently tried to bring back to life a built 650sx(91). Anyway, I took it to the repair shop, full knowing it would need some things, it had been sitting unrun for 7 years indoors. I was told I needed a stator, the coils were corroded. So, unable to find a good used stator, I bought the coils, ignitor and or pulse coils for the thing, had the shop put them on along with 4 motor mounts. Freed up the starter and away I tried to start it. It turns over all day long with spark, but it wont fire. We put gas in the cylinders, and starting fluid in the carb, and still nothing??!! Any ideas?? Could the repair shop had screwed something up with the re-installation of the stator? My main concern, does the stator and the alignment of it control anything to do with the timing?? I have no idea here! HA! Can anyone help me??

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    checked the compresion as well, it is 160 per side... ???????

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    Well if you've got compression and fuel but it still won't start then I'd say that you either have an ignition component that's bad or maybe the ignition is way out of time. I've seen instances where there is spark when you check it with a tester but it is more difficult for the coil to fire the spark when under compression inside the cylinder. There are lots of places that re-wind ATV stators, I'm sure they could re-do yours.


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    Sounds like the timing is off. Thats all it could really be.

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    To check the stator, set your voltmeter to AC setting, <200 VAC. And check the the AC voltage output between two yellow wires coming out from the stator while someone is cranking the engine for you. Remove spark plugs for easier turning over. It should be 35 to 40 VAC at cranking RPM.

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