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    6m6, 61x, 62t engine case compatibility

    I am a newbie to the jetskis, and the two I bought are much older than most of your discussions. I know they will never run like a raider or gp, but I would like to see if someone can give me some specific info on my 90 650 lx and 91 650 vxr.
    I am a good two stroke tech, but I am trying to figure out if the 6m6, 61x, and 62t cases are all interchangeable, and what is the differences in the cranks.
    Both of these skis look like they just came of the showroom floor. One needs a topend, and the other motor was a boat anchor. Wanted to know what options I had while searching for the whole engine. Thanks for any help.
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    All of the cranks that are in 6m6, 61x, 64x and 62t are exactly the same. The 6m6 case is for the smaller 650cc 6m6 cylinders. The difference between the 61x and 62t cases is the way the two intake ports are set-up. Both cases will work with the 701 cylinder. There is also 64x which is for the 760 cylinders.

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    Okay, thanks. In other words if I wanted to buy a complete 760 it will bolt in the hull and hook up to the pump.

    Nice looking Riva triple.

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