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    1994 Seadoo Spx Mod.

    Hello all, kinda new to the forum and love it. I have a 1994 spx 657. Mods are 0.20 pistons, racing grate and a tune pipe. I am 48yrs old and love this machine. I bought it from a young man that was needing some money to get out debt , I thought I would just turn around and sale it and make little profit. Well a buddy of mine said bring it up to the lake house and lets put it in the water to see what it will do. Here is the kicker, I weighed 228lbs did not care a thing about riding it. To make along story short, I love jetsking, I now weigh a 170lbs, and I FEEL THE BEST I HAVE IN TWENTY YEARS!!!!!!! The wife does not care for jetskis much but my daughter and son love them. (also have 1995SLT ) QUESTION: when the ski sets over the winter months, if I do not clamp off the oil lines the crank case fills with oil and I have to take the plugs out and turn it over and over to clean the oil out so it will run and not comp. lock the motor. Once I get it running it will run like a mad dog all summer long. One other thing would it hurt it to run a staight pipe between the tune pipe and exhust port( taking out the muffler? sounds bad as h e double tooth picks. Any way said enough replys would be great!!!

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    there was another guy on here with the same oil problem as you just recently. read the threads on the first two pages here. i can't recall if he ever fixed it or not.

    as for the pipe, i am no expert, but i would think that if you just put in a straight pipe, it would allow water to flood into the motor when not running in the water or even when running if the ski is at the right angle. i'm sure one of the experts on here will chime in.

    btw, congrats on loosing the weight.
    glad to see that you got into a sport that allowed you to take care of yourself while haveing a boatload of fun.

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