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    Paging David Green

    Lost your e-mail address rebuilding my laptop hard disk.

    A few of us are doing the dam run this Sunday from Ft. Loudon lake // Tellico Lake, up to the end of Tellico @ Chilhowee dam. Get your Morristown hardcore group and hardware to the Ft. Loudon Dam // Tellico lake launch ramp around 1pm Sunday if you can and make a group run, more the better....

    Water temps close in the foothills get as low as 58 degrees so the engines run real well up there. Weather this Sunday is around 90 and sunny.

    TVA has lowered the lake above the dam for maintenance for the next several months so there is a real good flow (read: rapids) close to the turbine gates. Very dangerous, you'll love it......

    Mid grade fuel about 1/2 way up. Food at another local spot near the river at the end. Bring cash and t-shirt to get in .....



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    That would be = [email protected]

    Just talked to him the other day...

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    Thanx Danny


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