I tried to get into the meeting in Costa Mesa, but I was told it was full. Here are the 3 other potential timeframes I was given:

Northern California (California/Oregon border to Alder Creek near Point Arena) – Jan. 2009
North Central California (Alder Creek near Point Arena to Pigeon Point) – Mar. 2009
Central California (Pigeon Point to Point Conception) – Apr. 2009


We would like your help with an exciting new initiative to map the full range of human uses in California’s ocean waters. The California Ocean Uses Atlas Project, a partnership between NOAA and the Marine Conservation Biology Institute, will fill a critical information gap in ocean management by providing an unprecedented, comprehensive, consistent and spatially explicit picture of human uses for management agencies, policy makers and stakeholders interested in sound and equitable ocean governance. We are seeking your advice on potential participants who are knowledgeable about diving in a series of ocean use mapping workshops to be held throughout the state between
September 2008 and April 2009.

The first one will be in Costa Mesa on Sept. 16-18. (See the attached fact sheet). We are particularly interested in identifying groups or organizations that could help map this activity in a workshop setting.

*Products *- The Atlas Project will provide to all interested parties spatial data and map products illustrating patterns, intensity and temporal changes in a wide range of human uses in three broad categories or sectors of use: (i) consumptive, (ii) non-consumptive, and (iii) industrial activities. The resulting maps will depict patterns of ocean use on a broad scale appropriate for a variety of ocean planning and management needs involving balancing the needs and impacts of multiple human uses. (See attached list of uses to be mapped)

*Applications to Ocean Management *– The Atlas project addresses long-standing needs to better understand the human dimension of ocean conservation. Some of the specific target audiences and clients for the Atlas products include: California’s Ocean Protection Council and Marine Life Protection Act Initiative; the West Coast Governor’s Agreement on Ocean Health; NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary Program; the Pacific Fisheries Management Council; and a variety of other federal, state and local management agencies.

*Mapping Workshops *- The human use data and resulting maps will be created in a workshop setting with regional experts selected based on their knowledge of the area and its varied uses. Each of the three ocean use sectors will be mapped separately over three days by different groups of regional experts =one working day/participant. Participants will be drawn from throughout the region and will include resource managers, user group leaders and marine operators (e.g. Coast Guard, shipping).

A list of general categories of regional experts that we hope to engage is attached. In this way, the Atlas Project differs from many traditional participatory mapping approaches that typically focus solely on individual users of localized areas in the ocean. Instead, we will also ask people with wider sectoral and geographic knowledge to share their professional expertise about broad patterns of how and where people use the ocean

*Schedule *- To develop these maps, we will hold four workshops along the California coast, using regions based on the planning areas used by the state’s Marine Life Protection Act Initiative:

* Southern California (Pt. Conception to the US-Mexico border) – Sept. 16-18, 2008

* Northern California (California/Oregon border to Alder Creek near Point Arena) – Jan. 2009

* North Central California (Alder Creek near Point Arena to Pigeon Point) – Mar. 2009

* Central California (Pigeon Point to Point Conception) – Apr. 2009

*What We Ask Of You *-- Clearly, the Atlas project’s value will be measured by the quality of the maps it delivers to the policy arena.

To this end, we hope that you can recommend potential participants in the upcoming mapping workshop for the SoCal region. We are particularly interested in knowledgeable people who: (i) are very familiar with a range of uses throughout the SoCal region, and (ii) might be able to spend one day with
us in mid-September working in a group setting to map these uses in facilitated, participatory GIS session. We hope you will include yourself in the list if you are
interested and have the time. Also, please feel free to indicate other people outside of the SoCal region who might help inform our future
mapping efforts in other regions throughout the state.

We are on a fairly tight timeline for this first workshop so if you are comfortable passing this information along over the phone, feel free to call Cheryl any time at 831.645-2704 or send us an email with a date and time when you would like us to call you. Alternatively, you can send this contact information by email, either in the message field itself or in the attached file.

Please note that in order to succeed logistically, these group mapping workshops will necessarily be of limited size and by invitation only, and so this initial round of information gathering will be used as the basis for identifying potential participants to invite.

We very much appreciate your informed input into this important endeavor and look forward to working with you on it.

Dr. Charlie Wahle and Cheryl Butner
Dr. Lance Morgan
Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Charles M. Wahle, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
National Marine Protected Areas Center
Monterey, CA
Information and tools for an effective national system of MPAs.

Cheryl Butner
Atlas Project Coordinator
National Marine Protected Areas Center
Monterey, CA