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    Ottawa has been getting ripped off at the pumps

    Hey guys, if you live in Ottawa then you should read this link. This might explain some of these damn ridiculous prices on fuel at the pumps. I noticed on my way to work this morning the price here was 1.21/L (4.57/Gal) Here it is 6 hours later....1.40/L (5.29/Gal)?!?! Well they have found a lot of stations price fixing in the Ottawa/Quebec region. What's to say it's not happening everywhere because it seems an awful lot like it here. I don't see how they can justify jacking the prices around like they do. Check this will make you sick.

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    The six hour differance COULD be attribited to hurrican IKE..I dont know were you guys get your gas from but here in the states we have seen it go up almost 10-15 cents a gallon..

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    Our system is pathetic. We extract it from out of western Canada, send it to the U.S. and buy it back. Ours just jumped basically 20 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwarzenegger View Post
    Our system is pathetic. We extract it from out of western Canada, send it to the U.S. and buy it back. Ours just jumped basically 20 cents.

    It's about 75 cents a us gallon.

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    $1.40 is average around here. In the summer it was around $1.50 and sometimes higher. I went riding with my buddy the other day and he offered to fill up the skis before we went. The pump shut off at $100.00 as he was giving me this awkward sideways look. Gotta pay to play.

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    That's insane dude! I guess the thing I'm getting at though is that there is really is no justifcation to screw the public like they're doing. I understand in Europe the price is rather high too but from what I have been hearing, the towns are fairly closely grouped and travel isn't too far for most. But here in Canada and the U.S. people have to travel long distances to get to work.

    The part that bothers me the most though, is not only were service stations caught for price fixing in the link I wasn't just one or was almost all of them. If you haven't had a chance to check out the link you really should, it will blow your mind to see what has and probably is happening elsewhere.

    Then we hear about the fuel market reports (which aren't semi-annual, they're every 3 months) and they're bragging about record profits every time the report is posted. It's really sad that they are so happy to publicize the fact that they're putting it to us and we don't even get a kiss...just more sand in the vasseline. Perhaps if like in Mexico the government were to step in and take full control, the prices would stay fixed at a much lower cost. Or, if these fuel tyrants (better known as legitimate criminals) would realize the profit margins are waayyy too excessive, they would come to reality and give the world a break.

    All in just sucks and we get the shaft because they are too greedy for money. One person where I work commented that they believe with the new wave of hydrogen and electric hybrid vehicles being introduced, the fuel companies are getting scared. They think they better get as much money out of us as possible before the need and dependency for their fuel is no longer there and they're left with little to no income. Makes sense to me. So that's my rant ...I'm sure there are a ton of us out there thinking the same thing. Everyone should post the prices in their area and see who we should be feeling badly for
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    1.40/L (5.29/Gal) here in Kingston Ontario...still haha...wish I filled up all the way instead of 25 bucks worth before it went up that day

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    Down here in North Carolina gas was $3.59 a gal. on friday morning and had jumped to $3.72 that afternoon at the store I frequent. Listening to the radio on the way home from work and people were calling in listing store after store that had raised prices to $4.50 and $5.00 a gal. Talk about your price gouging!

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    I suppose it will go up some more. One of the US largest refinerys in the gulf (exon) was damaged with IKE and will be down for several more days.

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    1.49L here in vancouver BC.

    We have too many pussies here in canada to stand up to the govt.

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