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    xlt 1200 problems

    Long story short had a problem with a cylinder replace got it up to 60 mph then when I turned it would drop to 30 mph and would run for 5 minutes
    then it would keep back up to 60mph sometimes the number 1 plug would foul out. took it to the dealer and they estimated a 1900.00 bill said the bearing in the drive shaft/impeller are bad. they want to replace bearings (3 ) drive shaft, impeller, seals, shaft coupler, screen intake???? 695.00 in labor
    I don't think that is the problem at all. Please help Thanks

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    i am sure someone will come up with some logical responses... i know i have read about problems with turning and bogging down...

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    Depending on the hours it could need that work done to it.
    At 140 hours on my GPR I did all that PLUS.
    Both drive shafts needed replacing as the splines were worn, as well as the coupler.
    Pump bearings also replaced, top end done, and as I had entre to a 30 hour crank I bought and used that also.
    Carbs also fully re-built as well.

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