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    WTB- ECU for '05 RXT

    i need an ecu for a 2005 rxt cash waiting, e-mail [email protected]
    regards jon

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    i have one for much you looking to spend?

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    hi savage i previously brought one from a forum member and he said it was an ecu from an 2004 rxp and said it would work on a 2005 rxt but it didn't work.

    This was his qoute before i purchased it.

    Sorry, I was waiting to hear from you.I did some testing last night on my RXT. We have about 10 dess keys because we use the RR ECUs and they don't care how a key is programmed. I finally found the key that matches the ECU. I plugged the ecu into my RXT and made sure the key and everythinng worked and it did and I can ship it out tomorrow if you want it. It is an 04 RXP ECU with 36 hours. (04 and 05 are the same ECU and as I said I hooked it up on my 05 RXT) The hours appear to be stored on the ECU, so at least we know that now and it does not look like you will have to get anything programmed. Let me know.

    This is my reply to him once i had fitted it.

    hi eric, you sold me i a ecu about six weeks ago,i have only just got round to fitting it as i have been working long hours over the last month or so,
    i took the ski down to my local seadoo dealer to have the key you sent me programmed as it didnt seem to want to start.
    When i got down to my dealer they said a 2004 rxp ecu wont work in an 2005 rxt due to part of the programming on the 2004 rxp is held in the ecu and part of it in the mpem(i think thats what they called it) however its my stupid fault for not checking the part numbers on the 4tec performance store as the part numbers are definatly different for a 2004 ecu,and 2005 ecu
    i think you said you had a few ecus
    so do you happen to have a 2005 ecu for rxp or rxt as they have the same part number.
    regards jon
    united kingdom

    so as you can see im gutted as i now have a 04 rxp ecu that i cant use which he sold me for $225 and still no working ski.
    What is your price based on what i paid first time round
    regards john

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    I have one for sale as well. A few 04's and 05's actually some with keys. But deal with Savage first, since he replied first.

    I dont think the fact that it is an 04 ECU is your problem. In my eperience an 04 RXT/P ECU will work on an 05 RXP/T and vise-versa. The only diff I could think of would be VTS enabled or not, or any features enabled in the ECU that the new ski doesn't have. Would no VTS, but VTS enabled prevent it from starting?

    I actually mistakenly put an 04 ECU on my 08, which has completely diff electronics and all, and it allowed me to start the ski. It sputtered, and ran aweful of course, but it would sit there and idle, and start fine.

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