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    fiberglassing a jetski and painting?

    hey all. had an accident on the lake today and now i have a pretty good size crack in my hull. it has about a 10 inch crack one way and a 7 inch crack going another way. you can see through the crack into the hull a little bit. i do have basic knowledge of body repair but was needing some advice on these cracks. do i need to cut the damaged out, then put the new fiberglass sheets over them, then come back for the sanding?

    2nd question. is there a special paint i need to use for the hull? or can i use regular automotive paint or a gel coat or what? thanks

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    any pics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sconti stellari View Post
    any pics?
    This man has all of you answer's!

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    hope this picture post on here.
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    that looks like SMC not fiberglass

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino_160 View Post
    hope this picture post on here.
    you can fix this with fiberglass mat. what will make all the difference is the chemicals you use to harden the mat. EPOXY resin is a must.

    1. cut the cracked spots out or use a V cut pattern (just the bad area no need to get carried away).

    2. if you can get behind the damaged area rough it up and the top side with some heavy 40-80 grit sandpaper. (only were you are going to lay the mat)

    3. if you can get behind the damage lay some mat on the back side to build strength, then fill in the top side.

    4. after that hardens you can sand it to the shape you need and do the finish work with body filler.

    here is a link to get materials if you need.

    I hope this helps

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