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    Hello, Few Questions.

    I think this is my first of many posts on this site.
    Anyway Im looking into getting 2 jet skis. Well Not me, for I am only 15.but my parents and grandparents will be for us.Its gonna be like a preseent thing if I get straight A's. And my 16th is comign up.
    We have been looking on Ebay and stuff, and just not working out. I went on Sea and found our only dealer in our area.
    S&S Powersports.
    Thats what were looking at.
    and getting a double trailer?
    Input advice?

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    Hey Red1, welcome to the board. The 155-hp is certainly not the fastest ski, but it is a very economical ski. It should run 56-58 mph. And, you won't need to worry about hi-test gas or a super charger distengrating... Ron

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    Yeah I know its not the fasted one out there, but were not really looking for a fast one right now. were looking for an affordable but nice seadoo to mess around with during the week and weekends.

    I just wanna know would this be one to start off with? Good Deal?


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    I don't know about a good deal. What is are they asking for the skis? ... Ron

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    There asking:

    MSRP: $10,399.00
    Cosmos Blue/White
    Our Price $8,861.00

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    Sorry, I missed that. The price isn't bad considering that that most '09 skis are increasing in price. I just looked at to see what rebates they have. They currently have a $600-$1500 rebate until 9/28/08, but don't list which model gets what rebate. You need to get this from the dealer. If you decide to buy the skis, read the contract over very carefully as some dealers will add the clause "All rebates to dealer." So a great price turns into a non-so-great price when you fail to get the rebate. Good luck... Ron

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    Yeah, that price isn't bad at all. I would jump on that. I have a 155, its fun to play around with.

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    Yeah I completely agree.

    Accept there ir one BIG problem. they are gifts for me from my grandparents. Noone not anyone but my grandparents were sopposed to know, but my grandma who cant keep a secret told me, so I cant just go : Grandpa found a good deal on the sea doos =/

    so yeah.

    thank you all!


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    welcome to the site. the 155 4-tec is pretty bulletproof as long as you change the oil and do proper maintenance. if you want more speed, some mods are in this link: i also have my 16th birthday coming april. i probably will ride my dad's RXT, which is basically a GTX, but it is supercharged and has styling differences

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    yeah, thats nice.
    Im able to ride them, and my dad has had a couple when he was in college and stuff. So we know how to perfom some maintenence if needed. But We cant just give the deal to my grandpa. Its weird.

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