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    FX Wind whistle?

    I just got a 2006 FX HO Cruiser and today took it for my first extended ride. My question is has anyone on any model FX heard a wind noise that is like whistle. The noise seemed to be coming from the left mirror or hood area. I was trying to see if the direction riding into or with the wind made a difference. It would come and go at speeds above 40. I kept wondering what the buzzer sounds like since at times it sounded like it might be that but the warning light never came on and the ski ran great. I'll have to let the fuel run down to hear the buzzer. It was just rough enough that when I would reach up and try to hold the hood or mirror I didn't want to keep the speed up lest I bounce my face off the handle bars.

    I think I'll try to get the hood to latch tighter and look for places to put some extra weather stripping. Last resort I'll start taping things - the noise is that annoying. I had a blast anyway - just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks

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    Ya, start taping stuff till you find it. I had a 06 FX HO and no such whistling.

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    Could it be your safety whistle on the lanyard?

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    mine whistling goes away if I wear earplugs

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    Fuel Slosh?

    Interesting thought about the signal whistle - I do have a new vest and attached a whistle to one strap and tuck it under the other, I'll have to check.

    When I took the boat out today it was showing 1/4 tank and the noise came back immediately with speed and again the water in the bay had the ski hopping. I returned to check the fuel and it took 12 gallons. Could the noise be the low fuel warning with the fuel sloshing? I finished cleaning the ski and did not go back out so I won't get to see if the noise is gone with the full tank till next weekend. If it was the low fuel that will be disappointing since it started with at least 1/2 a tank left.

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