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    Question what is the benefit of aftermarket handle bars?


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    they're good for +4 mph. LOL But I think people just change them for looks..

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    Well after taking a bad landing and face planting into my factory handlebar pad so hard my jaw hurt for a week and would not close properly .. I think I will stick with the stock setup

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    the main purpose is to have a slop free steering system
    get the complete bearing system
    some just cheep out and buy the bars for the oem system

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    I use 31" pro taper bars, and I very much like the wider grip. It's probably a matter of personal preferemce, but I think wider bars give you more control, stability and confidence at high speed, especially in rough water. After installing them I saw my wife taking WOT turns for the first time and attempting maneuvers she had never done before.

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    aftermarket steering

    They look great & I loved the complete UMI systems on my WaveBlasters but I never planted my face into them. I have smashed my face onto the stock bars on my GPR. I cut my face up on the start/stop switch. I think it could have been much worse if I had hit my face on some thinly padded aftermarket bars. I think I'll stick with the stockers for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMANN View Post
    Well after taking a bad landing and face planting into my factory handlebar pad so hard my jaw hurt for a week and would not close properly .. I think I will stick with the stock setup

    Smart man.....

    but I have to admit I love the aftermarket setups... My dentist will eventually LOVE me.

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    I feel that the bar pad on aftermarket bars provide far enough protection. You have to remember they only work if you use them. I also have gone to aftermarket bars just for the fact they make all different bars positions. You can really ride longer and get less tired by choosing the right bars for your comfort.

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    I agree they are cool! and you can pick a better taper for less fatigue . and the pad is a must IMHO but look at all the exposed metal still left with the pad installed , not preaching just pointing it out

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    My little face plant incident was caused by a ski boat going the wrong way and left me with no great place to go accept thru his wake as he turned right in front of me , His Ballast bagged boat just left a canyon in the water that was crazy big .. before I had this experience I never thought I would encounter a wave ( lake rider) I couldn't handle at full throttle .. silly me

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