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    12v low and barley cranks

    hey guys my 98 gsx limited i bought soposely has a new batery i fillied it with water and charged it and when i go to hit the button sometimes it will start but crank realy slow and then sometimes sound like the starts just spins but the motor wont turn over does anyones have any sugestions?

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    Sounds like the engine is partially seized. If the starter isn't engaging sometimes then it is the started bendix. It has some buildup in the throw-out portion of the spiral shaft preventing it from flying out and engaging. You may have very high compression making it too hard for the starter to overcome. You should try to check the compression, it should be in the area of 130-150psi. If it won't even roll over quick enough for that, then try disconnecting the propshaft, removing the spark plugs and roll the engine over by hand. If you find it to be quite tough then it has some issues inside. It may need a rebuild or even just a cylinder honing.

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    What do you mean by supposedly? If new, why would the cells be dry enough to have to add water? The battery is most likely bad, take it out and get it load checked first before going any further.

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    i mean the ski runs excellent when running lol and the prveous owner said it had 20 hrs on the motor that was rebuilt, i mean it just seems wereid for the motor to turn over so slow , when it turnin over it will sometimes stop like when it hits tdc

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    4,361's not running it?

    Easy stuff first, go get it checked and report back to us.

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    even after i go out for a ride turn the ski off and go to restart it it starts turnin slow and sometimes u have to shake the battery to get lucky, so ill prob try a new battery to get things started ,

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    Shake the battery? There's one trick i've never heard of. If it will start after shaking it, check your connections. Check the wires also, use a jumper wire to ground the battery to a bolt on your engine and see if it starts. If so, your ground wire is bad. You can check the positive wire by running a jumper from that post to the hot side of the starter solenoid, or even directly to the starter. If it turns over strong, you found your problem

    BUT first thing is first... Get a voltage reading on that battery, if it doesn't hold 12V, you're wasting your time chasing a problem that doesn't exist.

    You should probably just bite the bullet and go get a new Battery. They only last a few seasons, so its good maintenance to make sure you don't get stuck out on the water.

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    your ground wires are bad , change them and try out ....

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    even new-straight out of the box, batteries can be faulty. thats why they have warrenties. just take it to a autoparts store and have it tested. takes 5 minutes and is free.

    you will kick yourself if you spend all this time trying to fix it only to find out it was a bad battery the whole time.

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    the battery has 12.2 voltz and seems to crank a little slow but tomar after skool im going to take it out and see how se runs
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