View Poll Results: Advent Ignition Reliability?

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  • My Advent Ignition works good and has never failed

    19 59.38%
  • My Advent Ignition has failed one time

    6 18.75%
  • My Advent Ignition has failed two times

    5 15.63%
  • My Advent Ignition has failed three or more times

    2 6.25%
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    Advent Ignition Reliability Poll?

    For the 35 People who voted that they were using Advent Ignition Systems Please vote on the service you have recived form your Advent Ignition Thanks, Tommy

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    Ive been running my advent for 5 years, I had it reprogramed once to work with Speedwerx pipe.
    No problems what so ever.

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    Mine lasted 3 years. I had them program it once. This was 02-05. I sold it working.

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    Same Advent since 02',reprogrammed 4 times without any problems.

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    I have had mine for several years now with no issues. I even loaned it to Duke to run at MudBug a couple years ago, when he had issues with his. The other one I have I bought used and had it reprogrammed for my needs it is currently untested.

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    cant vote as i have only used my advent once..

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    Been running mine for a couple of years, bought it used. It has not
    failed. I have used many advents on customers boats with no issues. I have had them all reprogramed with my custom curve. My only issue
    was the first time mine was programmed the gauges didn't work,
    I sent it back and they fixed the issue, it was just something in the
    program not correct. Since then no issues.

    P.S. what some people don't understand is some of them don't
    work well or not at all on some boats because of other issues with that
    particular boat.

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    i got mine second hand from rob, it worked fine for him and now its working fine for me, its one of the black units not blue i think ( from memory) D70 series.

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    I got mine from BDNJ's GPR. He had to have it replaced 2x for no spark.

    From what I understand Advent treated him real good and got replacements out ASAP.

    I then sold if after parting the 'ski out. (in good working order)

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    I had some issues a couple of years back but so far since they were finally resolved I have been fault free.

    I bought the unit used knowing the guages would not work. The idea was to test the curves anyway and send it back to them to fix and alter curves if neccassary. They sent it back with gauges working properly but with another problem. It would "pre fire" during starting and it causing two bendixes to break and one starter to chip a tooth before I figured out the problem. I sent it back and it came back again with the same problem. After that time I got a brand new one with custom curves and havent had a problem since.

    They did stand behind there product but I was out about 3 months waiting for it to return. That was my only problem being out for that amount of time....

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