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    10 hours maintenance ???

    Hi guys . I just got my 2008 FX cruiser HO and the dealer told me after 10 hours of use I have to bring it back for some adjust and maintenance . the only problem is that it will be around 200 plus out of my pocket , what do you think is that really necessary, can I do it by my self .
    Thank you

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    You can definitely do the 10 hour service yourself.......just check where you stand with the warranty. Doing it yourself gives piece of mind that it has been done correctly. It's also worth getting a manual.

    Oil change (with filter if your fussy) will need an oil extractor for this.
    34 grams of marine grease into the intermediate housing ( 34 pumps on most standard guns.....weigh a couple of pumps to see what the gun puts out if your not sure). This is quite a bit of grease........very few dealers seem to put anywhere near enough in. The housing & tube going down to it come dry from the factory, this is why you need the 34 grams at the 10 hour. After that it's 7 grams yearly or 100 hours, whichever comes first.

    Sparkplugs need to come out, check gap & antisieze applied to the threads & refitted.

    After that it's just a case of checking fixtures & fittings, hose clamps etc.

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    Hi Dave Thanks a lot you just save me some bucks
    Thank you

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