R5WaterXRacing is very disappointed to announce that Round 7 of the R5WaterXRacing Tour has been OFFICIALLY POSTPONED.

We regret that we had to do this but with the outcome of Hurricane Ike SLAMMING into the Gulf coast and mainly Baytown Tx we have no other choice. Baytown and its surrounding counties are in MAJOR distress right now and it will be some time before they recover.

We have decided to shoot for a target Reschedule date of NOVEMBER 1ST 2008. The race WILL still be held in Baytown Tx and we project that this will be ample time to get things back to somewhat of a normalcy down there.

R5WaterXRacing asks ALL racers and their families to PLEASE keep The residents of South Tx in your thoughts and Prayers. And Especially Gene Anderson and his family and crew who owns Genes Powersports which is the site of Round 7!

The Payouts for this last round of the R5WX Tour will now ONLY have the possibilty of GROWING but it gives ALL Racers a GREATER ability to attend this MAJOR Event!

This Round will be capping off the 2008 Season and Beginning the 2009 season with round 1 of the 09 R5WX Tour. So DONT MISS OUT!

Please stay tuned to the following websites for more info as it comes available!

Again PLEASE keep all those affected in your thoughts and prayers and R5WX cant wait to see ALL of you in Lake Havasu at The World Finals and wish everyone The Best Of Luck and we will see YOU in Baytown Tx on November 1st 2008 at Genes Powersports.

Thank you,
"Flyin" Brian Smith
Jennifer Jeter