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    Beaching and Islands in NJ

    Hi Guys,

    I ride from the Holgate Inlet, all the way up to Manoloking Bridge (fcove area) I notice a bunch of islands very small no houses in the middle of the bay. Especially by barnegat inlet. Some are sandy, some are grassy, then there are some grassy with a sandy 'beach' around them. Is it legal to beach a ski on these and just hang out?

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    unless it is posted i dnt see why not......i been around everything near the barn. inlet unless it is posted then go for it....

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    This time of year you can act like you own the water and your cool.

    The sedges between Tices and BI are off limits to pwc because they are zoned as environmentally sensitive. Environmental Sensitive Zones are ok for 2 stroke outboards, 2 stroke jet boats, and everything but a pwc.
    The ESZ markers look like the white no wake zone markers. If you approach you'll see they say NO PWC. Only public ESZ needs to be marked.

    Other Environmental Sensitive Zones include marshes and river ponds (marsh pools). Most are not marked because you have to be 100 feet away anyway. If you see a statey around there spotting you just venture in and run though and out somewhere else if you can. If you get busted just say you didnt see them and you didnt know.

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