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    Nice! Motor spins free - it was the jet pump that was seized! (XL1200)

    Thanks for all the help earlier, guys. Got my pump assembly pulled off today (about an hour of cursing at it) and lo and behold the motor spins freely, turns out it was the pump that was locked up all along!!! (now if only I hadn't pulled the head on the motor already)

    So ok. Now I have my pump assembly out of the ski. Looking at it in the sun I can see that yes in fact it seems that the impeller is touching the housing on one side. Nothing looks "damaged" although I imagine the impeller and ring have matching scars. Buff right out?

    I found this "rebuild kit" for $60.00

    Is that SBT kit good enough in terms of bearing quality etc?

    How bad a job is this without any special tools? I realize it's just a few bearings and seals. Is it worth my effort to try to do it myself, or now that I have the pump assembly out should I just swing by my local shop and see what they'd charge to do it?

    Looks like at the minimum I'd have to buy a splined tool to hold the shaft while I remove the impeller...?

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    there is directions on how to do this in the how to section it is pretty easy.

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    Thanks, I could have sworn I saw that here but 15 mins of searching early did not turn it up, just found it.

    I was able to get most of everything apart, so now that I have the pump assembly with a 2' shaft sticking out the front. I am not exactly sure what is inside the "cone" shaped piece, but the driveshaft does have a few lines ground into it.. perhaps this is where the bearings are supposed to be that fit in there?

    I am looking at the pump itself and trying to figure out what is up. It may be that the sleeve (there's a sleeve in there?) is bubbled up and binding on the impeller. Will have to do some more investigation, unfortunately don't have time now.

    Interestingly as I am working on this whole mess, something that looks a lot like 10w30 has been leaking out onto my garage floor....

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    You can buy the impeller tools online, you are correct in that you need a splined one to hold the shaft while you pry off the impeller. However you might not need to take off the impeller if it's just binding to the wear ring.
    The pump itself should just split, you'll see where you can get a flathead in and pry it apart.
    In the cone is grease, you should take it off and have a look inside, should be nice white marine grease in there. If it's black or rusty you need to replace the bearings.
    Once you've split the pump it will be obvious if you need the pump rebuild kit or not.
    If you do need the pump kit (ie the impeller still does not turn) you need to apply heat to the impeller and use a big bar to get it off, and it's reverse thread. While you have it apart you should consider putting an aftermarket impeller on it as if you ever decide to buy one you'll have to get to the same place you are now. As it happens I have a YD-CD-13/19 for sale

    Anyway if you can take pics of the wear ring / impeller once you've split the pump that would be good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chatty View Post
    Anyway if you can take pics of the wear ring / impeller once you've split the pump that would be good.
    Will do, Chatty. I'm away on business this week but will get some good photos of the pump and shaft this weekend for discussion.

    On a side note, I didn't realize how "rare" an XL1200 was, which seems to compliate things a bit when I'm looking for some parts. In fact that "rebuild kit" link I posted has two rectangular gaskets shown which definitely don't line up to anything I've got.

    I guess they only made this model for a year.. any idea what the pump assembly itself would match? A GP1200 perhaps? (but I know, the driveshaft is probably different)

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    Ssome pump kits come with extras as they are designed to fit a few models.
    The one you listed on SBT is the one for your pump.
    As far as interchangable parts go typically if the pump diameter is the same then it will usually fit. I pulled a pump out of a SJ swapped the driveshaft with the one from my raider changed the bearings and stuck it back in the raider. Yamaha uses a lot of common parts between skis of similar model years.
    Someone here will know what will fit the XL. You're really looking for part numbers rather than model specific parts.

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    Ok. It took some work but I got the two halves of the pump apart.

    The prop was definitely binding on the wear ring. There's a quarter size spot on the inner ring that is damaged, and some burn/wear on the edge of the impeller (but not terrible)

    So I'm a little confused, some reading on here suggests I can remove the SS insert and pound a new one in place? But other things imply the SS is not replaceable in the factory part?

    The only marking I can find on the part is that it says "65A-" on one side...?

    Looking at boats, net, I find this:

    65A-R1312-00-00HOUSING, IMPELLER

    The impeller itself spins smoothly but somewhat stiff in the cone bearing.. stiff enough that if I try to spin it freely by hand it only makes it about 1/4 turn then stops. Is that good or is that a candidate for a redo?

    Edit: More confusing, I find that the GPs use part number 63M-51312-02-94. Can anyone clarify if the -94 and the -00 are actually different? The WSM jet pump replacement housing, 003-505 for instance, claims to work with both the GP and XL but would hate to find out that was a mistake...

    Is WSM reliable for this sort of thing? Good product?

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    Umm - new here. where's the "how-to" section?

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    click on the forum links Yamaha it takes you to the main page from there you have several Yamaha related forums.

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    Well, it's good to hear it was the pump, and not the engine! I remember you posting about that a couple months ago...

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