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    Removal of Ride Plate and Pump Housing Trouble

    I'm having trouble getting the ride plate and the pump housing off. The ride plate is glued on with gray silicone and the housing is glued to the fiberglass with black silicone. I'm thinking this are the 3M adhesive calks instead of the recommended Marine Calk. I'm concerned I'm bending the Al rideplate and just looking at the pump housing is scarey.
    The mannual says use a hot air gun but I don't have one. Even if did I doubt it would do any good. I've used a razor, 2x4, cold chisel on the ride plate with no luck.
    Any suggestions? Propane torch? I've heard the 3M 5200 Adhesive is near impossible.

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    Try some wedges inserted on each side.

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    Just did mine, used wedges and a thin putty knife to slice through silicone.

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    So use some wooden wedges cut on the diagonal from say an 18" long 2x4 (1-3/4" rise by 18" run)? And this will work on the pump housing aswell? Even if it's glued on with 5200 Adhesive? Thanks.

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