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    oil leak? on 2008 RXT

    just have a question i bought a brand new 2008 RXT..and i was wondering everytime since brand new i open the drain plugs and a white milky looking substance comes out.....then i changed my oil myself at my 10 hour service.....btw i am mechnically inclined so everything is fine got that changed....oil level fine well now after the oil change seems the oil level is just a little bit low after each ride....not below the notch but just a lil low so have to add a lil before each ride any ideas or suggestions would be good thanks


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    The most likely place for a new ski to leak is the oil filter cover. Wipe it with a paper towel and see if it's leaking there. The next place to check is where the shaft comes out of the pto, on the rear of the engine... Ron

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    well i checked oil filter cover.....i did notice there was a lil notch out of the top....well not really a notch just a flat side its not perfectly round i know that and i was wondering is that supposed to be lined up with anything in particular... and the pto shaft how would i check that???

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