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    Looking at New (to me) Trucks, wondering about Tow Capacity

    I'm looking at getting a new truck in about 6 months and I want to make sure it can pull two Yamaha 1200s...

    I'm looking at either a 4 Door S-10, 4 Door Colorado or Ex-Cab Colorado...

    Anyone towed Wave Runners with any of these???

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    Looking at your post there was an advert at the top "Pulling is easy stopping is the hard part. Choose wisely" which is a good point.

    I don't have experience with the tow vehicles you mention but I've used a Dodge 3500 dually (diesel) and a Nissan pathfinder with 2 x Seadoo GTX (~1000 lbs each).

    With the V6 I was pleasantly suprised at how well the Nissan pulls, but I can feel the springs hitting the overloads frequently whenever the road is less than perfect and quick stops are more nerve racking.

    The Dodge can pull the bunghole out of an elephant so you can't feel (or see) the ski's back there. But I was shocked at how much it impacted my fuel economy.

    Any long pulls I take the truck, short ones I use the Nissan and just drive carefully.

    My sister pulled 2 x Kaw (3 seaters) with a Jeep liberty and ended up getting a larger tow vehicle because they pushed the Jeep all over the place.

    So... back to the first point. Make sure it's got sufficient braking and the heavier the tow vehicle is the less your trailer will be able to push it around.

    Sorry I can't answer your question directly but thought this might help.

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    My ZR2 S10 (02 Model 4.3L) pulls a double trailer fine and of course pulls my single trailer fine. It even pulled my 20 foot cuddy cabin with minimal compression on the leafs. Towing a Blazer Xtreme on a big ass car hauler was a different story. It made it back in third for most of the way, but the leafs were compressed quite a bit...

    ZR2 is rated at 5500 pounds, don't know about the 4-Doors, mine's ex-cab.

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    i use a 97 dodge dakota and there is a reason they call it the son of's the only small/mid size truck with a v-8 option. fuel economy sucks in it. around 12-15. but plenty of power and 4 wheel drive just in case. the thing u wanna look at is the gcwr (gross combined weight rating) on the sticker in the door. this tells you how much your truck and trailer can weigh together... then subtract the weight of your truck from that number and you now have what your truck can pull.. for instance my dakota has a gcwr of 10,500 and the truck weighs in at around 4,000 so that leaves my capacity at 6500... if need be you can always get helper springs. and you can get trailer brakes put on your trailer..

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    I am a GM guy myself. I own a silverado.. I have never pulled anything with the smaller trucks (s10, colorado).

    BUT, I have a friend that has a 2wd Toyota Tacoma 4dr, and he pulls his 21ft. Super Air Nautique (very heavy wakeboard boat) with it and it pulls/stops it alot better than I ever imagined, as I had to drive it back home one night. So surely it would pull a double trailer with 2 skis very easily.

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    Man up dude. Any of those will tow just fine. I just got back from a 6 hour trip through hills in the midwest - and I towed my two yamahas with a front wheel drive SAAB 9-3.

    As former posters wrote, worry about your brakes, not your pulling power. A well balanced load on the proper trailer will not sway.

    PS: to brad with his 3500 dually.... I averaged 23.6 mpg at 70mph today

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    It shouldn't be an issue with only 2 skis (low tongue weight)...BUT...if you feel like the ass-end is sagging, there are a couple companies that make airbag kits to help.

    I have a Firestone 'Ride Rite' kit on my truck, and it's great for my car hauler. Add ~15psi to each airbag once the trailer is loaded up...and it sits factory level.


    - Brian

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    Either of those trucks would be fine as long as they have the I-5 engine.

    I pull a 3 seater with my Jeep liberty and forget its back there. Most cars can tow a jet ski.

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    Don't under-estimate a good 'ol Ranger! I know I don't....

    The load:

    -Yamaha Razz Scooter
    -VXR Pro
    -(2) Single trailers
    -Huge double trailer

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